Taxation Law

In this area, and in some cases in coordination with the rest of the areas, Tax Legal provides a wide professional experience in taxation law offering, amongst others, these services:


  • Advice in the reorganization of existing groups of companies through mergers, transfer of assets, values exchange, creation of holding and patrimonial companies, etc.


  • Tax advice to plan the succession of the family firm and the distribution of estates, legacies and donations.


  • Attendance and management of inspections before the Tax Administration: corporate tax base, VAT, property tax, inheritance and donation tax, etc.


  • Pleadings, appeals, claims and requests for suspension against complementary and parallel settlements, statements and diversions of responsibility to companies and administrators, penalty for tax infraction, etc.


  • Application for postponements and division to pay taxes.


  • Procedures to refund incorrect income.


  • Advice, application for discounts and contestation of administrative actions related to local taxes and fees (special contributions, municipal capital gains…)

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