New technologies

The provision of legal services in the area of new technologies related to information and communications given by Tax Legal include amongst others, the following subjects:


  • Audit and diagnosis of the fulfillment of the systems to treat the company’s information established by the organic Law of Protection of Personal Data, and in general, the current regulations in data protection.


  • Advice and adaption of the company to the current regulations in data protection, including the notification of files to the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, the establishment and maintenance of the security measures, the elaboration of contracts of the person in charge of the treatment and other documents of legitimation of the treatment of personal data.


  • Advice and drafting of declarations and appeals in administrative sanctioning processes that derive from the regulations in data protection and e-commerce.


  • Advice in the adaption of the corporative webs to the Law of information and e-commerce society.


  • Advice and drafting of the contracts needed in electronic procurement, B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer).


Legal advice in company policies related to the use of new technologies such as the use of the email by the workers, the processes to follow in order to send commercial communications through internet, etc.

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