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Tax Legal offers the labor audit service as an analysis of the company’s degree of fulfillment – as a broad concept- of the labor relations regulations, including basically these areas: Social Security law, labor and labor risk prevention law. A detailed studio of a significant number of employees is carried out.


They are also in charge of the labor advice and the professional intervention in the following matters, amongst others:


  • Advice, preparation and drafting of specific contracts inside the company (for example for senior managers and positions of responsibility), and the drafting of special clauses of the labor contracts.


  • Preventive advice and negotiation in conflicts with employees (firing, fines, quantity complaints, etc.), advice and representation of the company in the mandatory conciliation acts.


  • Drafting of collective agreements proposals, intervention in the following negotiations and monitoring until the final registration and publication are done.


  • Drafting of protocols related to the use of computer equipment and programs in the labor relations’ field. (Email, browsing – intranet and internet -, etc).


  • Advice in the consequences of commercial operations to reorganize the company, transfers and inheritances related to the company, etc.


  • Legal assistance in judicial proceedings (quantity complaints, firing, collective conflicts, fines).



Labor Force Adjustment Plan

Nowadays, as a result of the economic crisis, there is no doubt that professional advice in case of difficulties, in reorganizing a company’s production process adapting it to the new reality has become one of the most requested services for a large number of costumers. This is why Tax Legal has got high qualified specialists in these kinds of situations. Tax Legal professionals are intervening in the preparation, negotiation and processing of a large number of Labor Force Adjustment Plans before the Labor Authority providing, amongst others, these services:


  • Prior examination and diagnosis of the company’s situation by analyzing and evaluating the need to request a Labor Force Adjustment Plan, either for contract cancellations or expiration.


  • Drafting of the request form of the Labor Force Adjustment Plan and all the files required for the process (if necessary): employees affected, communication of the beginning of conversations with the workers’ representatives, proposal for an agreement, financial report, etc.


  • Legal assistance in the negotiation with the workers’ representatives. Drafting and presentation of the agreement proposal.


  • Legal assistance in the meeting with the Labor Inspectorate.


  • Legal advice during the processing and until the resolution.



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