Judiciary and Procedural

Our goal in this area is to achieve a negotiated alternative to the conflicts that can affect our customers, privates or businesses, always defending their interests.  This is why we intend to offer an extrajudicial solution obtaining satisfactory transactions that can make the customers avoid judicial processes, so the convenient prior negotiations are carried out with the parties affected.


However, if the agreement is not possible (prior or following to the beginning of the judicial process), Tax Legal has professionals that intervene in the defense counsel and the representation of the customers’ as a complainant and, if it is possible, appeal (tax appeal board, first instance court, contentious court, provincial court, superior court of justice, supreme court, etc.)


The matters defended by Tax Legal in this area include the attendance before the following courts, amongst others:


  • Labor: for those conflicts that appear between the company and the workers or in the labor law and Social Security areas.


  • Civil: quantity complaints, controversy in the compliance of duties and contracts, rental litigations, nullity of contracts, inheritance matters, declaration of heirs, damage complaints, complaints for construction defects, judicial cancellation of responsibilities, judicial proceeding to record a title in fee simple, precautionary measures (register entry, foreclosures…), execution of provisional or definitive court decisions, etc.


  • Civil/commercial: claims for customers and damages, insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy, suspension of payments, etc), complaints for unfair competitions or related to industrial property, request of public liability to the companies administrators, nullity of companies agreements, etc.


  • Tax appeal boards: contestation and managing of complaints against the tax administration (fines, liquidations, etc.) or related to taxpayers’ minutes that have a tax relevance (for example tax repercussions).


  • Contentious administrative courts: challenge acts, administrations’ dispositions and acts in the administrative area – state, State Tax Administration, Social Security, Autonomous Community, local government…-, and the precautionary measures request (for example cancellation), complaints for the Administration’s real-estate liability, etc.


  • Arbitral tribunal.



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