Insolvency Law

With the economic crisis, professional advice in business insolvency is one of the most requested services for the majority of customers. This is the reason why Tax Legal has high qualified professionals amongst its lawyers to face these situations. Tax Legal is currently taking part in a great number of insolvency processes both in a provincial and in a national level, as debtors’ lawyers and also in defense of the creditors’ rights. These are some of the services offered:


  • Prior examination, diagnosis of the company’s situation to analyze and value the need or obligation to request the declaration of insolvency.


  • In case it is needed, preparation of the declaration of insolvency request and all the paperwork required by the insolvency regulations that must go with the claim: assets and rights inventory, creditors, economic and legal memory of the company, etc.


  • Legal assistance to the debtor in every stage of the insolvency process.


  • Legal assistance to creditors in order to carry out the credit claim in case the debtors were in an insolvency process. If the customer needed it, there would be legal assistance through appearance in the insolvency process in defense of the creditor.


  • Legal advice to recover the input and output VAT for customers who have entered an insolvency process and whose fee is unpaid.

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