Commercial Law

Tax Legal professionals give advice in the area of company law, including the provision of these services, amongst others:


  • Construction and drafting of the statutes of all kinds of companies and commercial entities: anonymous, limited, labor companies, cooperatives, joint ventures, etc.


  • Advice and drafting of special statutory clauses and agreements between partners.


  • Call and assistance to company’s general meetings, reunions of administrative organs and drafting of the corresponding minutes.


  • Company’s modifications and operations: enlargement and reduction of capital, changes in the place of residence, in the corporate name and the corporate purpose, transformations, fusions, splits, dissolutions and closing, etc.


  • Actions’ and participations’ buying and selling, partners’ separations and changes in the administrative organs due to closing or resignation, powers’ granting.


  • Advice and reorganization of groups of companies through the construction and creation of holding companies, asset and activities contribution, etc.


The area of advising and commercial contracting is also included in commercial law for the celebration, modification, cancellation, resolution of agreements in the company: commission, agency, franchise, distribution, buying and selling and rental of industry, commercial deposits and loans, mediation, commercial cooperation and others.


This commercial advising also includes matters form the intellectual (copyright) and industrial property  (patents and trademarks) of the company and everything related to the commercial competition between companies.


As a specific subject inside the commercial legal advice, Tax Legal takes part in different stages of the family business planning, from the first interviews with the business owner and the family and  the collection of information and data, to the drafting and subscription to the succession plan and/or family protocol with the aim of regulating and giving legal security to the business and the professional and economic relations between the family and the company, making it easy to transmit it to the new generation.

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