Civil Law

The provision of legal services in the private law area includes, amongst others, these subjects:


  • Advice, negotiation and civil contracts.


  • Buying and sellings, promises and buying and selling options for movable properties and real assets; exchanges. Land construction law.


  • Renting contracts and sublease of rustic and urban properties and movable properties; renting contracts with option to purchase.


  • Loan contracts, debt and credit transfer acknowledgement.


  • Deposit contracts, life annuity.


  • Work and services loan contracts and all kinds of contracts of cooperation.


  • Civil society and community of goods constitution.


  • Advice and processing in all kinds of mortgage and registration operations: association and segregation, new building declarations, divisions in horizontal property, notarial files, mortgages, termination of charges, procedures before the cadastre management, etc.


  • Advice in horizontal property and community of owners.


  • Advice and drafting of the files of construction and extinction of real rights (living, usufruct, legal right, mortgages, etc.).


  • Advice and intervention in donations and inheritances (will, goods’ acceptance, legates, declaration of heirs…) and the calculation of the pertinent tax.


  • Family law.


  • Advice in the right to honor, image and personal privacy.


  • Advice and creation of non-profit organizations and foundations.


  • Advice in consumer and user matters and general conditions of staff recruitment.


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