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TAX LEGAL has lawyers specializing in banking law and in particular in the complaint of the preferred participations and Bankia OPS shares. If you are a victim of a trick and you purchased preferred participations of the bank you trusted, do not doubt it, sue the bank and get all the money you invested in preferred participations or Bankia OPS shares back, plus the interests. These kinds of contracts can be declared null.


Preferred participations are an extremely complex product, addressed to a very specific profile of investor. The bank, clearly using a malpractice and abusing your good faith, offered you the product as if it was a deposit when the product didn’t actually adjust to your investment needs. The banks have not fulfilled their obligation to inform, they have not taken care of the client, they have failed to carry out the community regulations and they have benefited from the trust of their clients. Nowadays, the Magistrate’s Courts are full of claims for the nullity of the preferred participations, and they aim for the bank to give the victims their invested money back. You still have time to recover all your money.


If you purchased Bankia OPS shares, you can recover all the money you invested. Thousands of people have decided to sue Bankia requesting the declaration of invalidation of the subscription contract of Bankia shares and the recovery of all the money invested. Bankia provided you with fake accountant and financial information that is unrealistic. One can notice, from the audited annual accounts presented the 25th may 2012, that this company suffered from economic losses even when it started its introduction to the stock market. You purchased Bankia OPS shares thinking it was a solvent company; otherwise you would not have bought a product coming from an insolvent company. The 98% of the judgments of the Magistrate’s Court are favorable to the interests of the victims: the nullity of the shares acquisition and the obligation of Bankia to return the money invested.


You still have time to claim your money, do not hesitate, contact with our specialists.

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