In TAX you will find advice on managing your human resources

Completing TAX advisory services, our human resources department responds to the different needs of our customers, including the selection of qualified personnel and the analysis of training needs of the organization.

The aim is to advise our customers to ensure that the person who will become part of the workforce meets the personal and professional qualities necessary for the job. It is because of that, that an exhaustive analysis of the work environment and competencies that will favor a faster learning process and a better adaptation to the tasks needs to be done.

The human resources management contributes to achieving the goals of your company

The functions of our human resources department in advising your company are based in the jobs analysis, organizational change, valuation and monitoring of the staff motivation (those who are already working in your company) as well as the presentation of reporting results of the studies done.


  • Human resources management
  • Selection of qualified personnel


  • Analysis of the training needs
  • Analysis of the work environment
  • Valuation and monitoring of the staff motivation
  • Results report

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