TAX offers a comprehensive and quality fiscal and accounting service

The fiscal assessment is the main focus of our services. TAX aim in this area consists in giving response and added value to the need for accounting that comes from tax, legal and commercial obligations.

Our main goal is the optimization of processes in order to accomplish the legal and fiscal obligations, while using the value of accounting data according to the needs of information and knowledge necessary to manage a business.

In this area TAX offers a comprehensive service with an important goal: to optimize fiscal costs. For this reason we particularly care about components of planning, assessment and management as basic features and differentiators from other companies of this sector. 


Fiscal costs’ optimization 
The consulting business’ leading exponent is fiscal and tax advice. The fiscal cost optimization is the most important objective and it is often essential in the business strategy.

TAX professional commitment is based on the continuous updating of knowledge and application of tax regulations, as well as the best method to carry out proper planning in order to get the maximum savings possible in tax costs for our customers, always within the legal framework of tax legislation.

We offer the following integrated services in this area:


  1. Customized support and advice on fiscal, accounting and tax enquiries that you may need. You will be assigned a tutor for personalized attention to your company.
  2. Prior advice on the most appropriate legal form for the creation of a new company from the fiscal point of view, taking into account the characteristics of the business and the activity that will develop.
  3. Statements-payments: study, preparation and presentation, both annual and quarterly or monthly to the state, regional and local Administrations.
  4. Planning: prior analysis anticipating the fiscal closing, evaluating different alternatives and advantages to be able to reduce the fiscal burden on different taxes.
  5. Analysis of tax on corporate restructuring: creation of companies, transformations, mergers and liquidations, as well as property investment and finances.
  6. Tax inspections: assistance, defense, reply to requests, assessments and resources in all taxes and before any organization. 
  7. Business valuation: study and preparation of the valuation report for the purposes of corporate transactions or sale.
  8. International Taxation: establishment and maintenance of commercial corporations abroad and analysis of the existence of international agreements that have a double imposition.
  9. Advice on the close of the tax year: analysis of the evolution of commercial margins and personnel costs, conciliation between the IVA base and the accountant income, the cost register for taxes on profits, amortizations, doubtful accounts, provision and distribution of the results of the previous year, the account confirmation with the tax collector and the social security and conciliation of the initial balance at the close of the tax year.
  10. Update in the tax news (newsletters, bulletins ...). Periodic news are sent. 


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  • Legal obligations
  • Fiscal costs optimisation
  • Tax planning
  • Personalised advice


  • Business creation
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Tax inspections
  • Business valuation
  • International taxation
  • Tax news 

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