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Completing TAX advisory services, our human resources department responds to different needs of our customers, including the selection of qualified personnel and the analysis of training needs of the organization.

The aim is to advise our customers to ensure that the person who will become part of the workforce meets the personal and professional qualities necessary for the job. It is because of that, that an exhaustive analysis of the work environment and competencies that will favor a faster learning process and a better adaptation to the tasks needs to be done.

The human resources management contributes to achieving the goals of your company

The functions of our human resources department in advising your company are based in the jobs analysis, organizational change, valuation and monitoring of the staff motivation (those who are already working in your company) as well as the presentation of reporting results of the studies done.


This department has several duties:

> The main one is to carry out the selection of personnel with the appropriate skills, abilities and interests to successfully develop the duties entrusted to fill a vacant job that the company wants to fill or a newly created one.

> Another duty is to cover the needs of the job analysis, compliance evaluations, valuation and monitoring of personnel already working in the company, as well as the presentation of results of these studies on the tests and analyzes developed.


For your company, this service has the following advantages:

> A first contact with the department is already the first step towards an improvement in the management of your human resources, since the needs are analyzed, and a relationship of advice and empathy begins to be created with the person who manages the personnel of your company.

> Only with a visit that explains the profile of the candidate that needs to be incorporated and the working conditions, the human resources team will put into operation a selection system of the closest candidate to the profile wanted that meets the requirements that have been specified.

> We will periodically contact you to follow up the selection process, and a report on the evaluation and interpretation of test battery results will be prepared. It will also include an evaluation of the interview, as well as those necessary to successfully develop the work described. The finalists will be summoned later to have one last personal interview and value the candidate that fits the most.  

> We have a large database and contacts that expedites the investigation of the candidates and serves as reinforcement to the advertisements we publish in the area where the selection is made.

> We will prepare a report of the eligible candidates that will be presented to the company as finalists. This report shows the results of the tests that the candidates have passed, the references and the conclusions obtained to recommend their hiring with priority criteria.


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  • Human resources management
  • Selection of qualified personnel


  • Analysis of the training needs
  • Analysis of the work environment
  • Valuation and monitoring of the staff motivation
  • Results report

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