Quality management/ISO

TAX provides advice on implementation and adaptation of ISO regulations

ISO is a group of regulations about Quality Systems requirements. Its purpose is to ensure the quality of all processes and activities that are carried out inside the company, promoting customers improvement and satisfaction. 

The ISO 9001:2000 is a regulation on the requirements of quality management systems, in order to manage quality processes. This certification allows you to demonstrate to others that your company meets the quality standards internationally accepted.

The ISO 14000 is a regulation on the requirements of the environmental management system. Its aim is to establish procedures for those activities that can generate environmental impacts. 

Obtaining this certification and the subsequent application of the rules is a driver of change, an instrument of great value for the continuous improvement of your company.

Our approach
We are committed to the project in order to promote a quick implementation of the system while minimizing the impact on the daily activities of the company and ensuring you obtain the certificate. This commitment includes assistance and advice, both in the certification audit and the audit team designated by certifier organisms.

This commitment also involves the integration of the information systems in the Quality System; providing relevant information for decision making (especially management), increasing the efficiency and speed of access to information and reducing duplication and inefficiencies.


  • Quality management systems
  • Environmental management system


  • ISO certificate
  • Quality systems implementation
  • Audit assistance

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