TAX Legal service is the specialized legal advice in corporate law

Corporate Law includes the full range of transactions that take place within the company. TAX philosophy involves teamwork, and coordination and management with other spheres of activity in response to different aspects of the issues. The interdependence between fiscal and legal decision making in business is unquestionable. For this reason, Tax legal advice makes available to our clients a team of lawyers who specialize in legal advice with deep knowledge of legal, commercial and social areas.


TAX Legal service provides appropriate advice in all areas the company may need:


With TAX Legal team of lawyers, the company finds all the advice needed in the commercial field. Mergers, companies demergers, assets contribution, stock exchange and companies acquisitions: advising on the creation of commercial companies and other corporate operations: and under insolvency law:  suspension of payments and bankruptcy (voluntary and required), as well as the reorganization of business groups by creating holding companies. It also offers advice on the family protocol and the succession of the family business; the publication of agreements and announcements of the General Meetings. TAX Legal provides guidance in the preparation of books of acts and associates. 

TAX Legal provides advice on negotiations and contract drafts for the sale or rental of properties, movable estate and running industries. Actions regarding succession and all types of contracts (concession, franchise, distribution, agency, rental services, commission, transfer of business, work execution,  debts acknowledgment, loans, etc.)

In TAX, the company is advised  on inspections  management (IVA, IRPF, income tax) before the  Inspection Tax Agency, the Government of Catalonia (inheritance tax, capital gains tax) and locally (I.AA.EE.) and complaints and appeals against the actions taken place by the tax inspection organisms or national, regional or local Administrations.

TAX Legal team provides businesses preventive advising for the negotiated resolution of conflicts, before using the judicial alternative, through alternative instruments. On the other hand, it offers advice in civil proceedings (declarative or executives), commercial, labor and contentious administrative.

In the labor area, TAX Legal offers all the advice on contesting and appeals against actions taken by government organisms;  as well as assistance in labor  processes. 

TAX Legal provides advice against sanctions and other Administration decisions. 


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  • Creation of commercial companies
  • Insolvency law
  • Succession of the family business


  • Books of acts and associates
  • Advice on negotiations
  • Inspections management
  • Complaints and appeals

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