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TAX labor area aims to answer all the problems and situations that occur in the workplace. We specialize in the general regulation, self-employed, agrarian system, commercial representative, domestic service, transfonterer workers and the system for sea workers.

Our professionals of the labor area deal with payslips, contribution bulletins, contracts and extensions, as well as labor inspections. In addition, they also provide the company a statistical summary of the payslips and a study of personnel costs.

TAX also offers advice and legal defence, labor audit, contracts and remuneration for directors and services in order to improve management.

And all the services the company may need in the labor area: quarterly withholding statements and the annual summary (professionals and  workers) , withholding certificates and annual earnings for workers and professionals, assistance and representation before CMAC, Certificates of discharge and medical leaves in the Social Security, the submission of offers to  SEPE, accident reports, etc. 


Here are the most representative services that we can provide:

  1. Payslips and contribution to the Social Security. Including all variations and modifications produced during that month, apart from the updates resulting from the new legal changes (agreements, contribution rates, legalization, withholdings…). The client will be able to have the payslips whenever he wants. 
  2. Summary of costs and accounting. Breaking down the cost of IRPF, Social Security and payslip for each worker to facilitate the work of people who manage the human resources area, as well as all kinds of lists, studies, comparatives ... customized according to the needs of the company
  3. Contracts and extensions. We present and study various contractual possibilities according to the law in order to choose the most suitable for each case, making the most of the Social Security discounts. Also, we notify in advance the conclusion of the ongoing contracts to decide whether to continue or whether to finish them.
  4. Work inspections. We represent the interests of our clients in front of audits and verification of the labor administration at any level.
  5. Advice and legal defense. Dismissals management, fines and cautions to the staff employed by the company. Representation before CMAC and in case of conflicts arising between the company and workers leading to lawsuits, we represent our clients before any conflict.
  6. Labor Audit. It consists of an analysis of the management of labor relations, to check if they are appropriate for the current regulations. In an audit work we do a comprehensive study of the company's labor area, so that the business owner knows the current situation of the business. We also make a proposal of the modifications needed and immediate implementation to accomplish the present legislation and make recommendations to improve management.
  7. Contracts and remuneration for executives. Advice on hiring managers and design of remuneration policies (stock options, multi-year remunerations, fringe benefit: health and life insurance, pension, car, house ...)
  8. Other services. The labor area is a complex area that requires many procedures, which can include: Preparation and presentation of quarterly declarations of personal income withholding from work carried out on the IRPF (Mod. 110). Withholdings on professional and business activities yields are included. Preparation and presentation of the annual summary of withholdings on IRPF (Mod. 190). It includes a summary of withheld income of professional and business activities. Monthly recalculation of IRPF withholdings for each of the workers according to his family situation. Salary tables update according to the labor agreement governing the company, Social Security certificates of discharge and medical leaves, submission of offers to INEM, making surveys of the labor area…
  9. Strategy. Counseling, study, preparation and presentation of strategy documents, employment relationships, initial proceedings, domestic workers ... for recruiting foreigner workers. 
  10. Services to improve management. We estimate the costs of new staff by carrying out payslips simulations with different options, doing calculations of absenteeism, medical disability management, common illness, maternity, work accidents and occupational diseases. Study and calculation of social security benefits (unemployment, retirement, disability ...). Contracting Health and Safety Services.


TAX adapts labor counseling to each company
On the other hand, our aim is to adapt ourselves to the needs of the business owner for the human resources management; this is why we offer various ways of providing the service. We specify four ways, but there may be intermediate forms according to each need:

  1. Traditional method. All management is done on the consultant’s office and we send the information to the client.
  2. Labor online. Labor management is carried out through the Internet on our website. 
  3. Shared labor management with the customer. The client manages the payslips and TAX, certificates of discharge and medical leaves, contributions, type of contract ... transferring files through our website. We achieve a shared management, always in accordance with our customer needs and our consultancy. 
  4. Advisory services. The client performs some or all of the procedures and we do counseling.


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  • Advice and legal defence
  • Labour audit
  • Contracts and remuneration
  • Summary of costs and accounting
  • Work inspections


  • Strategy
  • 24 hour on-line registration
  • Labour costs analysis
  • Training subsidy
  • Flexible remuneration
  • Companies own agreement
  • Employee portal
  • Internal regulations

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