Internationalization: Analysis and implementation in foreign markets

Nowadays, one of the most important needs of any business is to sell, and one of the options is to seek markets outside the country. It is for this reason that TAX provides the internationalization service: a way to analyze the foreign markets in which you can introduce your product or service with the maximum guarantees.

We offer a full consultancy service and management that covers all the phases and steps for the internationalizations of your company: 


  1. Information on International Markets: Before making a decision, you will have an analysis of the environment and the sectoral framework for your products or services through our market research, sectoral studies and price studies. This information will let you know the barriers and regulations that you will find on the new market you want to open, and your competition, price levels, distribution channels and key information.
  2. Internationalization plans for businesses: Going abroad to sell you products or to  set up in a market is a strategic decision for companies. We will help you think about how to deal with it, select your destinations, prepare to introduce your company in the selected international market and implement the necessary actions on arrival. 
  3. Research and opening new markets for your products and services: Design and research of personalized plans in order to open new markets abroad: commercial research, segmentation and identification of potential customers, entrance business plan design, assistance in negotiating with the distributors selected, constant support on the execution of the business plan. 
  4. Development of external commercialization networks: We search and select the suitable importers, wholesalers or agents for commercializing your product. We also present your products and services to selected importers and we prepare a report about them, assisting you in negotiations and trade agreements.
  5. Commercial or industrial establishments for international markets: Advising on the acquisition of companies in international markets contemplating all stages of negotiation with owners, suppliers and customers, as well as an analysis of the assets you need to buy (due diligence). For new establishments, we will support you to manage industrial or commercial projects from the viability study, land research, facilities, risk analysis, suppliers, licenses and permits. 
  6. Support for managing your commercial procedures in your new destination: Organization of meetings with potential customers in your selected markets, as well as assistance in commercial monitoring of clients and negotiations. In case it is required, you may contact the Office of External Markets to initiate activities in the market of your choice.

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  • Analysis of the environment
  • Internationalisation plan
  • Commercial prospecting
  • Potential customers’ segmentation
  • Business plan design
  • Development of commercialisation networks
  • Acquisition of companies
  • Meetings with potential customers

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