Insurance brokerage

TAX provides personalized and adjusted coverage for each costumer’s needs

In TAX Economists and Lawyers, we are aware that every company has unique needs and each has its own characteristics and risks that must be taken into account when offering the most suitable insurance policy. It is for these reasons that we analyze and handle each case in particular to offer the most appropriate service.

We study the risks that may affect your business and the most appropriate sum to cover them.

We plan the best insurance coverage to protect your assets against any disaster that may undermine these assets.

We select from the insurance companies in the market the policy that offers you the best ratio between coverage and premiums. 

Monitoring of potential coverage, pursuing the satisfactory and the right compensation for the damages suffered

The best policy for your company
Through your insurance brokerage, TAX gives personalized advice, offering a selection of the best insurance policies for your company. 

From the most basic guarantees that can directly affect your property, the ones that cover damages caused to third parties which are responsible for the development of your activities, including the most complex and technical. And also the ones that cover personal injuries to employees and managers. 


  • Study of risks


  • Selection of insurances
  • Monitoring of coverage

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