Economic and financial

Comprehensive advice and management for the company’s general management

Tax’s economic and financial field offers full cooperation with the owner and the management of the company in order to accompany them during their decision-making process through the business consultant and adviser, with the aim of providing an external but close, professional, strategic and comprehensive point of view.  

  1. Commercial analysis: competition, client portfolio, trade margins, business units or centers. In order to help the commercial management of the company, TAX offers its support by analyzing and monitoring the company’s competition, the management of the client portfolio and the trade margins for its geographical origin, type of clients, type of products, business units or business centers, if necessary. 
  2. Growth, restructuring, refinancing and innovation strategies. The succession planning of a family business is one of the most difficult moments for a business owner, when he must face his succession. TAX offers support in the analysis and strategic decision-making and during the implementation, monitoring and redefinition process, cooperating side by side with the management during the corporate change. 
  3. Business, viability of new projects or investment plans. TAX offers support in the elaboration of made-to-measure studies and projects and especially in the elaboration of business and viability of new projects and new investment plans.
  4. Part-time financial management. Support in the financial management of the company, financial planning, implementation and monitoring of the budget control, optimization of the costing systems, asset management, control center, preparation of reports and negotiations with banking institutions.
  5. Monitoring and analysis of financial statements. We offer a continuous analysis and monitoring of the profit and loss account, balances, financial risks, through a permanent cooperation, and economic and financial periodic reports. 


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  • Commercial analysis 
  • Succession plan
  • Growth strategy
  • Restructuring strategy
  • Refinancing strategy
  • Innovation strategy
  • Business plan
  • Viability of projects
  • Financial management
  • Monitoring of financial statements

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