TAX understands the audit as the rigorous implementation of professional standards

Tax advisory and management services comprise audit regarding issues related to the audit required by law of the annual accounts, and such of voluntary statements to ensure financial and economic data that is used in front of others.
Audit of the annual accounts 
The audit of annual accounts is generally performed by law. However, there is also the possibility of being audited in a voluntary way. The advice offered by TAX for voluntary audit leads to an increased credibility, obtaining the Letter of Recommendations and increased transparency, amongst other benefits.
Companies' valuation
Companies' Valuation may arise by a law requirement or for strictly voluntary reasons.  By law, auditors must perform such task.


Why should you request a voluntary audit?


> To increase the credibility of the economic and financial information provided to third parties (directly or indirectly): customers, banks, suppliers and partners / shareholders.

> To obtain the Letter of Recommendations as a fundamental document, parallel to the Audit Report, which includes those recommendations that have been evidenced throughout the work.

> To increase the transparency of economic and financial information in case partners or shareholders do not participate in the daily management.

> Reduction of the level of risk (for the company and its representatives) that the company could incur due to possible relevant differences in the interpretation of legal precepts in the tax, social security, environmental, labor, patent and trademark fields, civil liability, etc.


What are the most common cases in which the law requires stock assessments?


> Capital increase with the elimination of the preferential subscription right.

> Merger / division of companies. An expert's report is required on the merger / spin-off project and on the assets contributed by the companies that become extinct. (For limited companies it is only necessary when there is a limited company that intervenes).

> Voluntary transfer of shares of an onerous nature other than trade (limited partnership)

> For those cases in which the member has the right to separate from the company: replacement of the company purpose, modification of the transfer of shares, transformation into a stock corporation (limited companies).

> In case of transfer of registered shares / participations due to death.


Other services similar to the auditing of accounts:

> Limited review of the Annual Accounts: analysis of the evolution of the Profit and Loss Account (globally or of a specific item), study of the Balance Sheet (fulfillment of the requirements, seniority of balances of the client accounts and / or debtors), margin analysis (products, departments, families).

> Review and study of the tax area: tax audit.

> Preparation of amortization tables: accounting account, account description, acquisition date, repayment term, annual allocation (fiscal and accounting), accumulated amortization and net value.


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  • Audit required by law
  • Voluntary statements


  • Letter of recommendations
  • Audit of annual accounts
  • Companies’ valuation

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