Asnef Companies

TAX puts at your disposal ASNEF Companies service, the largest financial and business bureau default.

ASNEF COMPANIES provides solvency and credit information. It registers defaults that occur between companies in any sector, including banking and financial sector.

Access to the default file leader in Spain, where you have the possibility to see the debt, of the consulted companies, with the financial system.

It will minimize the credit risk in the admissions of you commercial operations. You can find 90 % of debt operations with the financial and business system in the ASNEF Companies archive. That will check the creditworthiness of potential customers before working with them.

The unpaid debt of your costumers you publish will be visible to the entire financial system, increasing the recovery effect. 98% of financial institutions consult ASNEF Companies files to evaluate new funding operations to the company.  Monitoring customer service.

You can start monitoring your customer base so that the system can alert you if there are any changes in the balance of debtor, unpaid transactions, creditors, etc. . .


  • Access to default file
  • Minimisation of the credit risk


  • Solvency check
  • Publication of the unpaid
  • Monitoring of your customers’ base

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