Administrative procedures

Comprehensive consultancy and management for administrative procedures

With the aim of providing a comprehensive service to our clients, TAX has a department that specializes in performing all the steps that companies need to do both to keep administrative authorizations and their facilities actualized in terms of legislation and to obtain all the licenses and permissions needed to develop their activities.

Some of these procedures are:

Local Government
> Opening licenses for establishments.
> IAE registration.
> Capital gains management.


Autonomous Administration
> Department of Innovation, Universities and Business.
> Industry registration, obtaining the Industrial Registry and the Business Qualification document.
> Registration to the Registry, obtaining the badges of the catering establishments, hospitality, obtaining the claim sheets. 


Department of Territorial Policy and Public Works
> Registration of transport companies, obtaining transport cards as well as subsequent visas.
> Obtaining occupancy certificate.


Health Department
> Obtaining the Sanitary Registry.


Land and commercial register
> Processing and registration of deeds and public documents. Settlement of the corresponding taxes.
> Obtaining certifications and informative notes of real estate, as well as commercial companies.
> Registration and cancellation of domain reservations.
> Publications to BOE, BORME (Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry) and the different bulletins of the autonomous communities.


Patents and trademarks register
> Obtaining patents and trademarks, both national, European and international, utility models and trade names.


> Registration, modification and cancellation of cadastral data on real estate, rustic and urban, obtaining certifications.
> Obtaining last wills, certifications of criminal records, obtaining certificates of civil records.


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