SMEs and self-employed. Advisory and Consultancy


TAX labor area aims to answer all the problems and situations that occur in the workplace. Our professionals of the labor area deal with payslips, contribution bulletins, contracts and extensions, as well as labor inspections


The fiscal assessment is the main focus of our services. TAX aim in this area consists in giving response and added value to the need for accounting that comes from tax, legal and commercial obligations


Corporate Law includes the full range of transactions that take place within the company. TAX philosophy involves teamwork, and coordination and management with other spheres of activity in response to different aspects


Tax advisory and management services comprise audit regarding issues related to the audit required by law of the annual accounts, and such of voluntary statements to ensure financial and economic data

Data protection

Please note that any natural or legal person, that has a computerized or manual database of natural people, must comply with data protection legislation

Insurance brokerage

In TAX Economists and Lawyers are aware that every company has unique needs and each has its own characteristics and risks that must be taken into account when offering the most suitable insurance policy


Our human resources department responds to the different needs of our customers, including the selection of qualified personnel and the analysis of training needs of the organization

Quality management/ISO

ISO is a group of regulations about Quality Systems requirements. Its purpose is to ensure the quality of all processes and activities that are carried out inside the company, promoting customers improvement and satisfaction

Valuation of related operations

Related operations are those made between a company and its members, or the administrator, or between companies from the group. These operations must be carried out at market price, regardless of how the operation is actually performed


TAX provides the internationalization service: a way toanalyze the foreign markets in which you can introduce your product or service with the maximum guarantees. We offer a full consultancy service and management

Dunning management

Cashcobro provides an easy, fast and economical Internet method to demand any expired and redeemable debt that does not exceed 250,000€, by starting and handling a monitory procedure

Grants and Subsidies

TAX offers customers expert advice on the various opportunities that exist to benefit from grants or subsidies and the professional processing

Administrative procedures

TAX has a department that specializes in performing all the steps that companies need to do both to keep administrative authorizations and their facilities actualized in terms of legislation

Asnef Companies

ASNEF COMPANIES provides solvency and credit information. It registers defaults that occur between companies in any sector, including banking and financial sector.

Economic and financial

Tax’s economic and financial field offers full cooperation with the owner and the management of the company in order to accompany them during their decision-making process through the business consultant and adviser

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