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Human Resources management is essential for the proper functioning of your company. Optimizing the times in your management is crucial; Let me ask you some questions:


  1. How do you manage and control your team's holidays? Do the authorization flows generate internal problems?
  2. Have you valued the time spent searching, managing, storing e-mails of your workers?
  3. Do you have a good design for managing diets and expenses? custody of supporting documents?
  4. Have you counted the time spent to obtain and unify the global information of your employees?


There are many questions that arise when we value the time and money invested in the HR department to achieve proper personnel management. Allow me to ask you one last question:

Do you know that there is a tool where you can have all the global information of your workers? Having a control of holidays, documentation, diets, etc., of your entire company can involve a very high time investment and a very precise organization. It is for this reason that Tax has designed the employee and company portal to facilitate all these processes to our clients.
If you don’t know it yet, we tell you everything you can do with this new online Human Resources control tool.



What is the employee portal?
It is a comprehensive online Human Resources management tool (you can access through computer, App, Tablet ...) that allows small, medium and large companies to effectively manage communication with their employees and automate internal processes that often become expensive, regarding money and time.

The employee portal allows the management of the company and its workers to manage information, duties, tasks and internal processes related to the human resources area.


What features does the employee portal have?
Some of the features that the employee portal allows are:

Access to documentation: The workers of the company will have access to their payroll, contract, withholding certificate, that is, to all the documentation that relates them to their organization.

Vacation and permit management. With the employee portal, the worker can request their vacations, the person responsible for the company can decide whether or not to approve them and has a rapport of the pending vacations and a global vision by department or section and also the full template.

Introduction of diets. The employee enters their diet tickets, kilometers, etc. The company approves them and proceeds to settlement directly from the employee portal.

Training management. The company summons its employees to the corresponding training, the employee accepts or rejects the request and from the same portal there is access to the documentation, certificates of attendance, etc. The company knows the pending amount of the Tripartite Foundation to get a bonus in training.


Why should you have an employee portal?

It is a two-way communication channel. The employee portal allows the organization to establish agile communication channels with its workers, one of the main problems that exist in many companies. By having a centralized system from which to send notifications / communications to workers, the company has an internal communication channel of great value that will help to improve productivity and decision making. In addition, the employee portal facilitates a good working environment and the development of the employees’ skills.


Automate expensive and tiresome processes. Sometimes we insist on continuing to carry out manually repetitive processes that can be performed better and faster thanks to technology. Would you like to know the average rotation of the workforce? Are you interested in quickly seeing the workers who are on holidays and their pending holidays? Do you want to see if your employees access their payrolls? This comprehensive Human Resources management tool will give you this information and more.

Simplification and reduction of the administrative burden for the human resources department. Imagine receiving all the diets of your workers through the employee portal and approving them with a single click for later settlement. In addition, you can see the volume of diets per employee. 


Standardize processes. In most companies there are several totally different processes to carry out the same task such as the request for holidays. What is the point of sending an email to the human resources department to verify the holidays you have left? The employee portal provides a solution to these types of situations, among other aspects.


Reduce the risk. Relying on a secure tool can help you minimize the risk of losing data or being exposed to someone who is not competent nor authorized.


More mobility. Another of the great advantages of having an employee portal is the fact that its users can access the tool from wherever they are, 24 hours a day.


Community work culture. A company can have different headquarters, offices or departments that have no communication with each other. Perhaps because they are even in different cities or countries. The employee portal allows the creation of a communal work culture, which favors the feeling of belonging of the employees and generates loyalty to the values of the organization.


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