You can join TAX Group

You can join TAX Group
If you are graduated or hold a diploma in Economics, Business Administration, Law or Labour or you have a consultancy agency, this is your Group. TAX is composed of more than 300 professionals, mainly economists, lawyers and consultants. Join TAX. 


A complete training
For every adviser, training is a key factor to success. This is the reason why you will receive an initial training before you open your office and you will periodically participate in courses to improve your knowledge. In addition to have your own business, he will help you enrich your professional knowledge. How does our training work?

  1. There is an initial training for all fields related to consultancy. 
  2. We complete your knowledge with a face-to-face and online continuous training about the main subjects and news in the fields related to business consultancy. 
  3. From TAX we offer you a complete, global and specialized training that allows you to have the complete knowledge of the business and that will guarantee you the development capability of your business. 


Belonging to TAX Group, the key to success
You have the guarantee of belonging to a group of more than 50 consultancy agencies in Spain. The incorporation to the organization of a business group allows you to have advantages thanks to the size of the group. 

The main advantage of the partnership is to allow certain people, with specific skills, to have access to experienced business systems or technologies that guarantee success.
The fact of belonging to a network of offices associated to TAX makes it possible for the partner to introduce itself to the market and to reach a competitive position form the very beginning. 

In conclusion, TAX gives an answer to the concern of many people for being entrepreneurs and independents, by creating their own company.  


Your own business
If you belong to TAX Group it means that you have your own business, with the advantage of minimizing the risks. TAX Group offers you: 

  1. Cession of the trade name
  2.  Comprehensive advice
  3. Politic and commercial image
  4. Initial course and continuous training
  5. Internal manuals
  6. Advice in the election of computer programs 
  7. Hot-line (online request service, corporate portal or telephone)
  8. Personal contact (individualized support)


Maximize the benefits and minimize the risks
If you open a consultancy office associated to a group with a national presence, your chances of success will be much higher than if you opened an agency without this support. 

The strength and the experience of the group minimize the risk; they optimize the investment and facilitate the stream of clients and the provision of high-value added services.

Opening a TAX office, having your own company (with the support of a national trade) is as easy as making an investment to start creating your own consultancy agency, always having the support and experience of TAX. 

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