24 hour on-line registration

On-line service that allows companies to register workers 24 hours a day in a fast and simple way

Employee portal

TAX Economists and Lawyers puts at your disposal the online portal so that the employees of your company can access its documentation

You can join TAX Group

If you are graduated or hold a diploma in Economics, Business Administration, Law or Labour or you have a consultancy agency, this is your Group

Client portal

The portal is an on-line tool where the company accesses with a username and password all the documents that the advisory company TAX uploads

Grants and Subsidies

TAX offers customers expert advice on the various opportunities that exist to benefit from grants or subsidies and the professional processing


TAX provides the internationalization service: a way toanalyze the foreign markets in which you can introduce your product or service with the maximum guarantees. We offer a full consultancy service and management

Insolvency Law

Commercial Law

International Partners

New technologies

Judiciary and Procedural

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