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At the TAX Madrid-Retiro office we offer advisory and management services to companies and freelancers. We put at your disposal a team of professionals and expert consultants in the tax, labor and legal fields, prepared to offer you high-quality solutions, adapted to the characteristics of your business and sector. In order to facilitate the day-to-day of the employer, TAX Madrid-Retiro also offers you the services of: management of administrative procedures, company accounting, auditing and insurance brokerage.

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C. Alfonso, XII, 8, 3 left - 28014 Madrid, Madrid

T. 915 240 300

F. 917 010 516

[email protected]


José María Álvarez

- Data about the city of Madrid:

Madrid is a municipality and city in Spain. It is the capital of the State and of the Community of Madrid. Also known as La Villa y Corte, it is the most populated city in the country, with 3,182,981 registered inhabitants (2017) while, with the inclusion of its metropolitan area, the population figure rises to 6,543,031 inhabitants. Madrid houses the headquarters of the Government, the General Courts, ministries, institutions and associated organizations.

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