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At TAX Manresa we are specialized in advising and managing freelancers and SMEs. With extensive experience in the legal, labor and tax field, we offer a personalized and quality treatment from the first contact. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive service in all areas of concern to the entrepreneur, our strategic client.

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Av. dels Dolors, 27 ground floor - 08241 Manresa, Barcelona

T. 938 773 581

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Carles Alabau

- Data about the city of Manresa:

Manresa is a municipality and city of Catalonia, capital of the Bages region. It is located in the Bages plain, near the angle where the Llobregat and Cardener rivers meet. With a population of 74,752 inhabitants in 2016, it is the most populated city in Bages and in central Catalonia. It is located 65km north of Barcelona, ​​and marks the boundary between the industrial area around Barcelona and the rural area to the north.

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