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At the TAX Menorca office we offer advice and labor, tax and legal management to companies and freelancers. We put at your disposal a team of professionals prepared to give a personalized, quality response adapted to the characteristics of your business and sector. With the aim of offering you a comprehensive service and facilitating the day-to-day business of the entrepreneur, at TAX Menorca consulting we also carry out: management of administrative procedures, company accounting, insurance brokerage and auditing.


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Av. Jaume el Conqueridor, 43 - 07760 Ciutadella, Balears 

T. 971 381 615

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Mª José Moll

- Facts about Menorca:

Menorca is the most eastern and northern island of the Balearic Islands. It is the second in size and third in population in the Mediterranean archipelago. Its name comes from the Latin Minorica, because the Romans called it that way because it is smaller than the island of Mallorca (Maiorica).

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