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Welcome to Tax Rabat,

The vision of TAX Economists and Lawyers, processing agency in Rabat, has always been to be an ally with our customers and we have always been able to commit to people. We trust our people to be able to guarantee the success of our projects and to offer the best advice for your company in Rabat. Our team, a future we trust in. 

The vision of the company, focused on growth, has made it possible for us to offer services in Rabat in ten fields of specialization: tax advice, labor management, legal advice, accounting management, auditing, insurance brokerage, consultancy in Quality / ISO management, procedures, human resources consultancy and data protection. All of this work is possible thanks to the human team of TAX Rabat that is made up of economists, auditors, chartered accountants, lawyers, psychologists, labor graduates, engineers, administrative managers and insurance brokers.

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25, Rue Al Mariniyines. Appt. 2 - 10020 Rabat, Marroc
T. 667 551 099 / 537 736 718


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