TAX Economists and Lawyers is a consultancy group with more than 50 offices and 30 years of experience in providing companies and self-employed tax, labor, accounting, legal, audit, insurance brokerage, quality management /ISO, recruitment, data protection, procedures, grants and subsidies, dunning management and valuation of related operations. The Group provides personalized advising with the advantages of accessing your company’s payslips, contracts and taxes just with one click.

Our team, a future we trust in
The company’s vision, aimed to growth, has made possible for us to offer services in ten areas of expertise: tax, labor, accounting, legal, audit, insurance brokerage, quality management – ISO, procedures, human resources and personal data protection. All the work is done by our TAX team, formed by managers, economists, audits, chartered accountants, lawyers, psychologists, labor graduates, engineers, administrative consultants and insurance brokers.   


More than 300 professionals among economists, social graduates, lawyers, auditors, insurance brokers ...


30 years helping companies.


The integration of new technologies in our daily life is an important aspect. The client portal and the development of the first app are important assets to improve accessibility and speed.

Service vocation

We support your business. Our aim: that you can focus on your business.


We carry out continuous and specific training to offer you the best service with the highest quality.

Comprehensive service

In addition to the tax, accounting, labour, legal and insurance services, we offer up to 12 services with the aim of offering this comprehensive service.

We support your business

Founded in 1988 in the village of Figueres (Girona) by Joan Gironella, economist and auditor. Tax Economists and Lawyers has specialized in managing and assessing small and medium businesses in the tax, labor, accounting, legal, audit, quality management – ISO, human resources, data protection and insurance. 

In 1991 TAX started its development by opening new own offices. Given the good results it was achieving, in 1994 the expansion policy started through franchises. In 1995 TAX opened its first franchised office in Catalonia and its growth in the rest of the peninsula began in 1996, creating the Tax Economists and Lawyers Group.

In 2017, TAX has got 6 own offices and 42 franchised offices, as well as a client portfolio of more than 30.000 companies (90% being SME). 

TAX Economists and Lawyers’ mission is to promote a business advice organisation in order to offer a comprehensive service to SMEs and big companies with the aim of solving the business owner’s needs that can allow us to have long-term relationships based on trust, quality and professionalism. 

  • Ensure ideal quality standards based on our professionals and the innovation regarding services, procedures and technology. 
  • Target the company growth as the first objective without sacrificing sustained profitability that allows the necessary investments to ensure the highest service quality and continue to be an advisory company of reference at a national level
  • Group awareness and team spirit through a participatory management
  • Constant training as a method to maintain the quality and engagement with the client
  • Service vocation from both the company and the team
  • Honesty, respect to the current legislation and the implementation of the ethical principles
  • Positive attitude from the team to the job, clients and co-workers

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