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The TAX Vic office puts at your service a team of professionals prepared to offer advice and labor, tax and legal management to companies and freelancers. With a long experience in the sector and with the aim of offering a comprehensive and quality service, TAX Vic also offers services of: management of administrative procedures, accounting, insurance brokerage and company auditing.

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C. Vilabella, 9 entresol B édifice Lleida - 08500 Vic, Barcelona
T. 938 832 143
F. 938 814 055


Sílvia Andrés
Sílvia Andrés

Data of the city of Vic: 

Vic is the capital of the Osona region, in north-central Catalonia. Its geographical location, 69 kilometers from Barcelona and 60 from Girona, has made it one of the capitals of central Catalonia. Its population is 48,287 inhabitants (2018).

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