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At TAX Tortosa we offer labor, tax and legal advice and consulting services to companies and freelancers. With a long experience in the consulting and management sector, we have a team of professionals prepared to answer your questions. TAX Tortosa also offers you the following services: management of administrative procedures, accounting, insurance brokerage and company auditing.

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Av. Generalitat, 159 - 43500 Tortosa, Tarragona
T. 977 443 661
F. 977 446 756


Jordi Garí
Jordi Garí

Data about the city of Tortosa: 

Tortosa is a city, municipality and capital of the BaixEbre region. It is also the seat of the bishopric of Tortosa and constitutes an important agricultural, commercial and industrial center. The city of Tortosa is in the lower valley of the Ebro river, which runs through it. 2,049.30 hectares are part of the Natural Park dels Ports. It currently has about 33,500 inhabitants.

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