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At the TAX Sabadel office we offer you a personalized and high-quality advisory service for your company. We put at your disposal a team of professionals and experts in the legal, tax and labor fields, prepared to answer your questions or doubts. In order to offer you a comprehensive service, in TAX Sabadell consulting you will also find a service for managing administrative procedures, accounting, insurance brokerage and auditing.

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Plaça de Marquilles, 3 08201 Sabadell, Barcelona
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Maria Llonch y Anna Martínez

Data about the city of Sabadell: 

The city was a pioneer in the Industrial Revolution in Catalonia within the textile sector and in the middle of the 19th century it became the most important wool city in Spain; in fact, it was known by the name of «the Catalan Manchester» in the second half of the 19th century. Even today numerous chimneys and steams can be seen, many of them converted into places of social services such as libraries or youth areas. This textile heritage has left the city with a marked industrial character.

Plan de recuperación, transformación y resiliencia