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At the TAX Reus office we put at your service a team of professionals in consulting and business management. Specialized in SMEs and freelancers, we offer you a labor, legal and tax consulting service. In addition, we also carry out paperwork management, insurance brokerage and auditing, covering all the administrative and accounting needs of the day to day of a company.

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C. Bernat de Bell·lloc, 4 - 43203 Reus, Tarragona
T. 977 326 097
F. 977 338 783


Lluís Galceran / Raúl Domingo

Data about the city of Reus:

Reus is a municipality and a city in Catalonia. The capital of the Baix Camp region, located west of Campo de Tarragona and about 10 km from the Mediterranean Sea. Its population is 103,194 inhabitants (2015), which are concentrated in an area of ​​52.8 km² and which, apart from the city, also includes the old terms of Burgar and Mascalbó.

Plan de recuperación, transformación y resiliencia