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At TAX Premià de Dalt we offer you personalized advice service. We put at your disposal a team of professionals and experts in the legal, tax and labor fields, prepared to answer your questions or doubts. With the aim of offering a comprehensive and quality service, in the TAX Premià de Dalt consultancy we also offer you a paperwork management, insurance brokerage and audit service

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Plaça Mil·lenari, 7 - 08338 Premià de Dalt, Barcelona
T. 937 523 556


Jordi Giralt
Jordi Giralt

Information about the city of Premià de Dalt: 

Premià de Dalt is a town and municipality in the Maresme region. The name has its origin in the Roman Praemilliano, also known by the parish name of Sant Pere de Preimà, changed in 1980. It is located on the southern slopes of the Sierra de Marina, between Premià de Mar, Vilassar de Dalt and Teià.

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